At Aging Wisdom, we are looking for the best and the brightest to join our elite team.

Are you:

• Passionate about making a difference in the lives of older adults?
• Committed to excellence?
• Eager to translate your life experience into something lasting and meaningful?
• Interested in working for a company that cultivates your unique talents in a supportive, team environment?
Drawn to work that involves creative problem solving and thoughtful engagement?

See what our Creative Engagement Specialists have to say about their work:

Why I Love Working with Older Adults
• Becoming a creative Engagement Specialist was a natural complement to the other work Amy’s done
Why, after retirement, Alan went back to work and chose to become a Creative Engagement Specialist
Gail shares how her childhood set her up for success as a Creative Engagement Specialist and why “I love my job!”
Juliet reflects on how her career focused on work in caring professions — teacher, birth doula, activities specialist at a retirement community — is the perfect complement to her work as a Creative Engagement Specialist

If so, Aging Wisdom is the place for you!

Consider joining our Creative Engagement Services team.
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TO APPLY, please email to request an application. Attach a resume and include a cover letter with your email.

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates for our Creative Engagement Specialist positions must complete 75 hours of training. While we focus on creative engagement, clients sometimes require a small amount of help with personal care. Applicants must pass a federal and state criminal background check, a driving background check and have exceptional references.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: The Aging Wisdom philosophy of creative engagement is based on teamwork. Our employees never feel alone. You receive ongoing training and support. Our creative engagement specialists find that their jobs are meaningful and leave them feeling rewarded and satisfied at the end of the day.

LEARN MORE: Click on a name in the right-hand side bar and read the profiles of our Creative Engagement Specialists to get a sense of their diverse backgrounds and what brought them to this work.