When asked why he wants to be a caregiver at this time in his life, Alan unabashedly says, “I have over thirty years as a Rotarian providing ‘service above self’ to people who need a helping hand. Helping seniors is a natural extension of that tradition.”

As a retired entrepreneur and business owner, Alan enjoys staying engaged and active with Rotary projects. And working as a companion caregiver at Aging Wisdom has served to fund support of the Rotary International projects he’s involve with, such as an ongoing and growing audiology project benefiting children in Mongolia.

Alan sees his work at Aging Wisdom as the best of both worlds: working as a companion caregiver in support of older individuals who benefit from life enrichment activities, while being able to contribute support for a project that has a lasting impact on children. He appreciates that his work touches people at either end of the life span.

An avid sailor, skier and runner, Alan also enjoys attending the theater, ballet, and visiting local art museums. He doesn’t know a sport he doesn’t enjoy. He’s able to weave these interests into the activities he plans for his clients, be it a scenic drive and stopping for a favorite ice cream, or participating in the here: now arts engagement program at the Frye Art Museum.

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