April-TanineczSome people naturally follow a path of caring for and helping others. April is just such a person.

She’s been in caring and helping professions since she was a teenager. Looking over a robust career that started with nannying in high school, April then worked for the Appalachian Health Coalition and a medical clinic while in college. She was also part of a team that created and launched a hospice in Nashville, TN that is still in operation today. Following college, April went into private practice as a psychotherapist for many years. Her practice focused on mindfulness teaching, consulting, family and art therapy.

Since moving back to the Seattle area to be closer to family, she has been engaged in artistic pursuits, in addition to spending time in nature, which are part of her personal meditation and mindfulness practice. April’s focused, creative life influences the life enrichment skills and calm presence she brings to her role as a Creative Engagement Specialist with Aging Wisdom. Her thoughtful, person-centered approach is a beautiful complement to Aging Wisdom’s philosophy of supporting the well-being of our clients.

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