Juliet-PowellMANY HATS
Juliet is and has been many things: Student. Mom of five, including twins. Birth doula. Avid reader. Organizer. La Leche League Leader. Elementary school teacher. Receptionist. Activities assistant. And now Creative Engagement Specialist at Aging Wisdom.

Juliet will be the first to observe the common thread tying her roles together: “Being in relationship with people.” In particular, the strong appeal of working as a creative engagement specialist at Aging Wisdom was the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients. This is where Juliet finds joy: in getting to know a client personally, their life, family, personality, likes and dislikes, stories, and what makes them smile. Outings can be a simple as a neighborhood walk to enjoy the sun and fresh air, or venturing to Remlinger Farms for their Fall Harvest to ride the steam train, visit the petting zoo and round up the day with fresh ice cream. And Juliet is quick to emphasis, the joy is two-way. There’s something infinitely special she gets in return as an engagement specialist.

Juliet is also Aging Wisdom’s Creative Engagement Lead, responsible for recruitment, hiring, training and supervising our team of Creative Engagement Specialists.

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