Kayleigh-CreightonSpend a few minutes over a cup of coffee with Kayleigh, and you’ll find yourself relaxing almost immediately. She possesses a special sort of quiet, comforting presence of which this busy, sometimes chaotic world needs more. Kayleigh naturally brings that welcoming quiet to her creative engagement as well.

As an Aging Wisdom Creative Engagement Specialist, Kayleigh has been providing life enrichment and companionship for clients since 2012. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation, her background in the arts lends itself naturally to other artistic interests such as sewing, drawing, and music. Kayleigh is currently pursuing a Master in Social Work at the University of Washington.

When her husband’s job prompted a move to the Seattle area, Kayleigh opened herself to work opportunities beyond the computer animation work she had been doing. Reflecting on jobs she’d had in high school and college, which included working in a nursing home where her grandfather had been a resident, she pursued an opening as a Creative Engagement Specialist with Aging Wisdom.

But don’t let Kayleigh’s calm, patient presence fool you. She’s up for adventures too. On any given day working with clients, she might take a day trip by car, exploring a state park or historic neighborhood, visit an art museum, grab an ice cream sundae, or take a stroll through a botanical garden. Activities are guided by our clients’ interests and our professional caregivers’ creative, resourceful inspiration and imaginations.

“I grew up back East, so going out on adventures with clients has helped me to learn more about the Pacific Northwest and the Puget Sound Region. One of my clients has always loved to study local history, so when we go out on a drive, he’s filled with great tidbits of information and brings fresh insights to these travels.”

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