Leslie-Amman“I love older people,” Leslie shares, with a big smile, a joyful chuckle, and without hesitation when asked why she came to work at Aging Wisdom as a Creative Engagement Specialist.

Early in her career, Leslie worked in the field of aging and enjoyed being one-on-one with her clients. She loved the opportunity to personalize support for each individual client, from the meals they ate to planning activities that brought them joy.

In between then and now, Leslie has traveled extensively and lived in another country. Seattle is now home and where she’s rooted. When she learned about Aging Wisdom and the Creative Engagement Specialist position, she applied, as she was looking for part time work that she could flex around her other commitments.


The job was particularly appealing, as it reminded her of the worked she’d enjoyed earlier in her career, allowing her creative side to be more engaged. Leslie loves to garden, refinish furniture, volunteer at her daughter’s school, attend soccer matches with her husband, play at the beach, bake and entertain.


Leslie is also a calm individual. Her presence is soothing to her clients. And she loves Creative Engagement, as it provides space to be in the moment, mindful. She gets to create special outing for clients that might include root beer floats and a visit to a beach. Or sitting quietly at a kitchen table and coloring or drawing. And time spent with clients always includes client stories, stories of lives richly lived.

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