“THE GOOD LIFE requires that we take pleasure in new things;
A GOOD LIFE requires that we take pleasure in moments.”
— Steve Goodier, author

Her smile radiates warmth and joy like the Florida sunshine. Which is appropriate, given that this is where Magda grew up, on the white sand beaches of Tampa-St. Pete, swimming, scuba diving, and enjoying the outdoors.


Magda’s engaging Floridian spirit of bringing and being sunshine is the essence of who she is. It’s infused into everything she does, from jewelry making to drawing to traveling to creative engagement with Aging Wisdom clients.

Her background in advertising design, retail management, collecting and selling antiques and jewelry, as well as work in other areas have all played a role in developing Magda’s gifts for thinking creatively, acting mindfully, and always putting her clients’ needs, likes, and goals at the center.


Humor is another important component of what Magda brings to every client experience. As she reflects: “I like to get my clients’ minds off their daily routines. We still do many routine things, to make sure the necessities are covered, but doing different things, tied to their interests, makes for a richer experience. It truly enhances their well-being. And I love to infuse these adventures with fun and lots of laughter.”

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