Marti-SpicerWhen you ask Marti what brings her joy, her face lights up and she talks about her family and her friends. An extrovert by nature, Marti is energized by being with people. She’s a great listener and interested in hearing about other’s life journeys.  Marti comes to Aging Wisdom having worked many years in a variety of health care and non-profit settings.
Her experiences, knowledge, and personality are a perfect complement to the role of Creative Engagement Specialist.  At the core of her previous jobs was work that was supportive and helped make the lives of those she worked with better.

Bringing joy
One of Marti’s favorite aspects of Creative Engagement is the opportunity to personalize activities and outings for each client. In all her work, past and present, she’s has seen where being present and client-centered brings joy to clients. And being positive is so important. She loves contributing to the well-being of clients through activities that build on client interests and include laughter, play, and movement.