Mitch-HunterThe Creative Engagement Specialist position with Aging Wisdom was appealing to Mitch as it brought together his professional interests and his personal experience as a family caregiver.

Mitch helped care for his dad, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Having worked in partnership with his sister to support his dad provided Mitch with valuable insight into what families experience when caring for a loved one who is living with cognitive changes.

On the professional side, Mitch has worked in web and graphic design, marketing, database management, and training.


Creative engagement work allows Mitch to get to know each client as an individual. In developing a relationship with a client, the creative process is sparked. This is what Mitch finds the most fun: tailoring experiences and activities specifically to the client’s interests and strengths.

At the forefront of every client engagement are these two questions: What can I do to enhance these experiences? What can I do to make his or her day better?

Mitch finds that through observation, listening, and understanding each individual, he’s able to help best meet a client’s goals and be part of enhancing their well-being.

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