Norma-Moquino“It does good for my heart, for my soul, to make others happy,” says Norma. You know that to be true the moment you engage with Norma in conversation. Her face lights up as she shares with you her adventures with clients.


Norma has a fulltime job working for a law enforcement agency, a job she finds rewarding. But she was looking for something additional, something that would be flexible with her schedule and at the same time an opportunity to work directly with people and make a difference in their lives. At the encouragement of friends, she found the right match as a Creative Engagement Specialist.


What does she find to be the most rewarding? The opportunity to slow down, be in the moment with each client. Together they take in the little things like the sound of birds and the smell of flowers in a garden, the enjoyment that comes from eating lunch together, sipping coffee and sharing stories.


One of Norma’s favorite experiences to share is with a client who grew up in Seattle. The client remembers her childhood address. Norma found the house and then planned a day for the two of them to visit. Norma took a picture of her client in front of her childhood home, and later presented her with a gift of the picture in a frame.

Norma reflects on this joyous outing: “She doesn’t always remember me or my name, but she remembers that day. And she’s proud to share the framed picture of her in front of her childhood home. That always triggers wonderful stories such as going to the movies with her mom, the basement her dad added to the house during the Depression, and tales of her childhood friends.”

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