Sonia-GilmanAfter three decades of working at a large corporation and several years in private practice, Sonia retired, taking time off to follow her dreams on what her next life chapter would be. Her intention was to engage in some personal reflection, time with family and friends, community involvement and travel. During this break, she recognized her desire to still be a part of work, though part time.

From corporate work to heart work
Sonia wanted something that brought meaning and joy to others. Her volunteer work has these goals at heart, so in opening herself up to part time employment, she found working with older adults through creative engagement to be a perfect match. The organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills that she’d developed and used previously translate well to her role as a Creative Engagement Specialist.

“Every day is something new!”
In addition to the one-on-one engagement, Sonia enjoys the variety. “Each day is something new!” she exclaims in describing one aspect of her work which she finds so interesting. “I like to think we are making a difference, even in the smallest ways.” This comes from recognizing the needs of the client at the time you are with them.  Being present. Being aware of a client’s needs at that moment.