Aging Wisdom serves and supports a diverse client base.
The reasons people engage our services are varied and unique to each client:

Family and Friends

  • Navigating a dementia diagnosis
  • Exploring care options
  • Seeking guidance about retirement community living
  • Out of town, looking for local support and options
  • In disagreement about how best to help
  • Worried about someone who won’t accept help
  • Recognizing the benefits of one-to-one creative engagement services

Individuals and Couples

  • Planning for their future
  • Faced with significant health changes
  • Without children or local family in town to help when challenges arise
  • Exploring retirement living options
  • Seeking life enrichment opportunities through creative engagement


  • Seeking guidance and counsel for their clients as part of the planning team
  • Engaging Care Management as an alternative solution to guardianship
  • Evaluations for complex clients
  • Assessments and recommendations for clients of fiduciaries and trustees
  • Independent, professional assessments as part of the mediation process
  • Customized trainings for professionals
  • Searching for a program to enhance a client’s quality of life through creative engagement