What is an Aging Life Care™ Manager?

By Aging Wisdom |

Imagine your life as a movie. If you are the director, an Aging Life Care Professional is your production manager.

She or he is a deeply knowledgeable guide (usually a nurse, social worker, or allied professional) who finds you high-quality support, arranges care “locations,” and advises you about needed services.

Aging Life Care Professionals (also called Care Managers) are part of a national organization with a code of ethics, educational and training requirements, and a nationwide network of experienced colleagues in case you need to move to a different part of the country.

Specialized knowledge and skills
Aging affects all aspects of life, so a Care Manager draws upon many areas of expertise:

  • Advocacy. Communicating with doctors and other health care professionals, and navigating the confusing eldercare network to get you the resources and care you want.
  • Health and disability. Conducting an assessment and making recommendations so you and your family members can rest assured that a plan is in place if you need extra help.
  • Local resources. Recommending area service providers. Anyone can Google. But an Aging Life Care Manager intimately knows quality and reputation and can match best services for your budget and priorities.
  • Family. Helping relatives understand their role and work together to support your wishes.
  • Housing. Providing independent recommendations for the best fit based on your needs, priorities, and resources. No kickback referral fees that limit your choices.
  • Legal. Assembling needed paperwork and referring you to reputable attorneys as needed so you are well covered by a professional team.
  • Finances. Reviewing your options to identify eligibility for programs and ways to stretch your dollars wisely.
  • Crisis support. Helping you create a safety net you can depend on in emergencies.

As the director of your later years, how do you want your story to unfold? While not all of it is within your control, you do have agency. With planning, there is much you can do ahead of time to prepare for the elderhood you want and create a network to support it.

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