What Is Aging Life Care?

By Aging Wisdom |

Overwhelmed by the choices and decisions involved with caring for an older loved one? Hit with an emergency or crisis situation and not sure where to start? Or do you want to plan for your own aging and make your own decisions?

No matter your individual situation or preferences, Aging Life Care Professionals™ offer a client-centered approach to guide individuals and families to actions and decisions that focus on well-being and the best care choices for your situation.

Aging Life Care™, also known as care management, is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for older adults or others facing ongoing health challenges. Aging Wisdom’s care managers provide expert navigation and answers at a time of uncertainty.

Our guidance leads families to the actions and decisions that ensure quality care and an optimal life for those they love, thus reducing worry, stress and time off of work for family caregivers through:

  • Assessment, monitoring and elder mediation
  • Planning and problem-solving
  • Education and advocacy
  • Family caregiver coaching

The expertise of Aging Wisdom’s Aging Life Care Professionals can be summarized into eight knowledge areas. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Health and Disability. From physical problems to mental health and dementia-related issues, our Care Managers interact with the health care system effectively and frequently. We attend doctor appointments and facilitate communication between doctor, client, and family. We help determine the types of services – including home health and hospice — that are right for our clients and assist in engaging and monitoring those services.
  • Financial. Services may include referrals to fiduciaries or consulting with a client’s accountant or Power of Attorney. Our Care Managers can provide information about Federal and state entitlements and connect families to local programs when appropriate.
  • Housing. We expertly guide families and clients through the wide range of options, help break down the costs and ensure the appropriate level of care is selected.
  • Family. We help families adjust, cope and problem-solve around long-distance and in-home caregiving, address care concerns, internal conflicts and differences of opinion about long-term care planning.
  • Local Resources. Aging Wisdom Care Managers know the local resources in our community like the back of our hands and know how services are accessed.
  • Advocacy. We are strong and effective advocates for our clients and their families, promoting the client’s wishes with health care and other providers, ensuring that client’s needs are being adequately addressed.
  • Legal. Our Aging Life Care Professionals refer to and partner with legal experts like elder law attorneys and estate planners. We help determine the client’s needs and level of care when there are questions or conflict about what to do. Members of our team have also provided expert opinions to courts.
  • Crisis Intervention. Aging Wisdom offers crisis intervention when it is needed. We help clients navigate through emergency departments and hospitalizations, rehabilitation stays, and ensure optimum care is provided to your loved one. For families living at a distance, our services provide a much-needed lifeline.

Planning for the future and adapting to unexpected health or memory changes give you and your family a lot to think about. At Aging Wisdom, we take a holistic, client-centered approach to helping individuals and families navigate options for aging well.

Aging Wisdom is in the perfect position to help you make sense of these changes and find the support, resources and solutions you need. We provide you with information and tools to make the best decisions. We are your experts in aging well, caring well and living well.

How Aging Wisdom Can Help You: Our Care Managers provide one-time consultations or ongoing support to get your family moving in the right direction. Give us a call: 206-456-5155 or email us at Inquiries@agingwisdom.com today.

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